06 September 2017

Family Tree DNA and Havey


As all of you know Family Tree DNA is based in Houston.  Although the city and surrounding areas were devastated, their company had only minor issues with Harvey, and some of the staff's homes were not in danger, however, there are many staff members who have suffered in Harvey's grasp.

We all are sending prayers, good thoughts their way.  However, besides our heart-fell wishes, we can also help those in need through giving.

Family Tree DNA is donating a portion of their proceeds from the sale of ALL tests (including upgrades and paid transfers) during the month of September toward Hurricane Harvey's relief efforts.  There is a banner on their home page which displays the cumulative amount raised and will be updated twice daily.

By 11 a.m. today (Wednesday), they have raised $5,076.  

We all know that this damage is really in the billions.  Many of you have contributed to other organizations, but perhaps you can give a little more, and consider doing so again in coming months. It will take years to rebuild the damage.

Family Tree DNA employees are also helping out their employees who had damage. That is a different fund, however.

SO, purchase a few kits. They do keep as long as they are not in extreme heat (think...trunk of your car in the hot summer), and then locate relatives whom you wish to test.  If you are an administrator, purchase a few more kits to use for future project members either through a project scholarship or getting reimbursed later testers.

And...besides, some of you could be my close cousins so TEST!

Please give what you can.

Thank you and best wishes,

12 August 2017

McCarthy DNA Success

The following story was buried in a pile of papers, so I do not believe I have previously posted it. This helps prove that a genealogist never throws out anything!  Forgive me for this lengthy delay, Rita....

The Search for my McCarthy Line by Rita P.:  DNA the Winner!

I will try to keep my story short, but I do want people to understand that my first impulse was not to do DNA.  I have been researching for 30 years and had not succeeded with this line by regular means that genealogists use.  I even visited Ireland and spent most of three days researching church and civil records in Dublin.  I found my Burke line, but not even a lead on my McCarthy's.

As family legend had it, four McCarthy boys left southern Cork between the early 1880's and early 1890's.  Each boy came individually and helped the next make the trip.  Two came before their 18th birthdays so naturalization records were of no help.  They left their unhappy memories behind and left little for the proceeding generations to find.

After returning from Ireland I was very discouraged, but I did attend a workshop in Eugene where Emily Aulicino spoke about DNA.  It took me about a year to ask one of my brothers if he would do the Y-chromosome test for me, and much to my delight, he was willing.

We did a 25 marker test, and when I got the results I listed the results through the Family Tree DNA site with the McCarthy surname project.  I found a couple of close matches, but no one with 25 identical markers.

I watched and waited, hoping more people would take the test and someone would match up perfectly, but truly, I figured this was going to be something for later generations.

Then one day out of the blue came an e-mail from a gentleman living in England, Nigel McCarthy.  He was one marker off, but he thought it might be worth a try to see if we could connect our family lines.  Our McCarthy's were from the same general area so off he went on the hunt for my relatives with me supplying him with the little information I had.

Nigel has been able to find the birth records of my grandfather as well as his three brothers and a sister we did not know about.  He as found the death certificates for my great grandfather and his two wives.  One was the Mother of those four boys and the other his second wife and their family.  I now know that my ancestors came from Bealad, County Cork, Ireland.  I passed within several miles of this area on my trip.  I would now love to return to Ireland and visit this village.

Through both civil and church records, he has also determined the name of my great, great grandfather.  After many hours on his part in the London Family History Center and a trip to Dublin to look at records, he continues the hunt.  I have received 54 e-mails from him with many attachments and more information than I can handle some days.  I now continue to add information about my McCarthy family to my database with great joy.

I believe this is  not the end of the story, but only the beginning.

We have now decided to try the 37 marker test and adding a distant cousin of Nigel's to the mix.  This is to try to determine where the one marker changed, or if we are further apart than we first thought.

No matter what happens I now have a person that will continue to help me with my McCarthy genealogy and be a lifelong friend.

Thank you Rita for your story.

06 August 2017

GedTree.com - SALE!

Well, this is a hot summer for sales!  Now GedTree has a sale on their posters to celebrate the launch of this new company!

From now until August 13th their genealogy pedigree posters are 25% off.  Sale ends midnight Eastern Time.  They've added a new template (see the first one below) and others will be added soon.

You have a choice of  6, 7, and 8 generation fan charts with color, and one in black and white. Each chart is 36 inches x 24 inches, on sale for  $74, and suitable for framing. The years of birth and death with the exception of the 8th row, due to the lack of room, are included.

All you need to do is upload your gedcom, choose a template, determine the title and subtitle for your chart, and, of course, pay for your selection.

The company keeps your gedcom only until the chart is delivered.

These charts make wonderful gifts for the relatives and are handy to have for a quick reference for you!

And then there is the X-chromosome chart using Blaine Bettinger's layout for X inheritance.  This one is for females, and there is another males.

Don't miss out!  Although I cannot speak for the company, usually we see the best sales during a launch.


01 August 2017

Family Tree DNA's Sizzlin" Summer Sale is ON!

Just in time for the Dog Days of Summer, Family Tree DNA has it's summer sale which starts today (Aug 1st) and runs through August 31st.  These prices are SIZZLIN' HOT! However, this year’s “Sizzlin’ Summer Sale” is called “Friends & Family Sale”
Therefore, invite everyone to join in the fun.

Family Finder          $69
Y-37                        $139
Y-37 + FF                $198
FMS                        $159
FMS + FF                $218
Y-67 + FMS + FF   $430

To clarify:
FMS means Full Mitochondrial Sequence

mt/mtPlus to FMS  $199
Big Y                      $395 (The best price I've every seen!)
Y-12 to 37                $69
Y-25 to 37                $35
Y-37 to 67                $79
Y-37 to 111             $168
Y-67 to 111               $99

To clarify:
Mt/mtPlus are the portions of the mitochondrial DNA
For the Big Y, you must already have a Y-37 test or higher
Y12-37 means you have a Y 12 and wish to upgrade to a Y37

As we are all cousins, it would be wonderful to discover our connection!


26 July 2017

Jamboree Webinar

FREE Webinar from SCGS:  August 5, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. PDT
Using atDNA to Verify and Expand Genealogy by Emily Aulicino


Understand how autosomal DNA and the X-chromosome results verify and expands your lineage by proving or disproving family lore, break adoption walls, and explore how this test can determine what DNA segments came from which ancestors.  Celebrate the success stories of others and create your own.

Emily speaks on genetic genealogy & writing family stories nationally and internationally; was interviewed for TV, newspapers, and blogtalk radio; writes two blogs, and wrote a genetic genealogy book.

A handout will be available shortly before the presentation. A link will be included in a reminder that will be sent the day before the session.

A goal of the Southern California Genealogical Society is to offer educational opportunities to genealogists and family history enthusiasts everywhere. The Jamboree Extension Webinar Series helps delivers those opportunities.

The initial webcast of each session is offered to the public free of charge.

Webinars are archived and available only to SCGS members as a benefit of membership in the society. The webinar archive can be found at http://www.scgsgenealogy.com/webinar/archive-index.html.

The list of upcoming webinars can be found at http://scgsgenealogy.com/webinar/jes-index.html.

Learn about all the SCGS member benefits at http://www.scgsgenealogy.com/about/benefit-memb.html.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

25 July 2017

And...what is Emily excited about now? GedTree.com

For anyone who has taken an autosomal DNA test at any company or who just has a pedigree chart of any sort, you must check into GedTree.com.  

A genetic genealogist friend, Blaine Bettinger who created the wonderful fan charts for the X-chromosome that GedTree uses posted a blurb on Facebook where I immediately requested my chart to be printed.  

Female X-chromosome Fan chart, courtesy of Blaine Bettinger

Male X-chromosome Fan chart, courtesy of Blaine Bettinger

The company provides many charts for genealogists that you can purchase, and there are two FREE ones which include highlighted portions for the X chromosome lineage, one for females and one for males.  However, there are many other wonderful charts you can purchase which would make great gifts for members of your family.

I had problems with ordering and printing my chart last night as my gedcom is too large (90,000 plus people).  Jon from the company emailed me after I contacted the company last night, and by this morning, the problem fixed on their end.  I now have a beautiful chart, printed with birth and death dates for eight generations and the highlighted lineage for my X from my mom and dad as found in Blaine Betinger’s chart.  It's a very nice fan chart, and I can determine the title.  I've never had a company reply to my request for help so quickly, and solve the problem.

BTW, they do not keep credit card info and only keep your gedcom on their secure server until they know your product has arrived.  Then it is dumped.

Check it out!  Gedtree.com


07 June 2017

Family Tree DNA Father's Day Sale

Family Tree DNA Tests on Sale for Father's Day with 20% and higher savings!

The sale starts today, June 6th and ends at midnight June 18, Central Time.

Family Finder is only $69 (Reg. $89)
Y-37 is $139 (Reg. $169)

For the same test taker you can bundle these two together for only $199. (Reg. $258)

If you are attending Southern California's Genealogy Society's Jamboree in Burbank this week, Family Tree DNA's booth is in front of the expedition hall at booths 401-402.  AND...don't forget to attend some wonderful presentations:

Janine Cloud, Groups Project Manager, will speak about privacy concerns on Thursday at 10:00 a.m.

Michael Sager, Y-DNA Haplogroup Specialist will speak on the past, present and future of the Y-DNA haplotree.

Jim Brewster, Groups Project Assistant Manager will speak Saturday at 10:00 a.m. on Understanding DNA for Genealogy and on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. on The ABCs of Y DNA.

SO, check out the Family Tree DNA website to order!